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Data on the move – by increasing the performance levels of the bus protocols to be transmitted, it is possible to guarantee reliable data transmission when using  conductor rails and  slip rings with Powertrans®-Ib. Brief interruptions that may occur due to impurities and oxidation, especially in the case of surfaces in contact with one another, can be bridged.

Complementing  Inductive Power Transfer  IPT®, data can also be transferred inductively using iDAT. The method of purely inductive communication generates no radio waves. This means that the signal is contained within a small envelope and above all it does not interfere with or is susceptible to interference from any radio based networks. Commercially available position measuring systems are used for path measurements.

Fiber Optic Rotary Joint (FORJ) is a means to pass optical signals across a rotating joint.  In this way, the FORJ acts like an electrical slip ring, but with light signals. Light signals can pass through two parts that rotate relative to each other. Using Plastic Optical Fibers (POF) light is transmitted contactless over passive and independent channels. This means long life with no maintenance and without the potential problems that can affect  slip rings such as vibration, humidity, and magnetism.