Conductix-Wampfler offers Energy & Data Transmission Systems for the Agriculture industry

Civilization began with agriculture. When our nomadic ancestors began to settle and grow their own food, human society was forever changed. Communities, no matter how sophisticated, cannot ignore the importance of agriculture, since to be far from dependable sources of food is to risk malnutrition and starvation. The global and interdependent nature of human society makes us fundamentally dependent on agriculture. In modern times, increasing amounts of food are needed to sustain our increasing population. Increased production must come from new technologies for the growing, transportation, and storage of food. Farm machinery and components used for large and small scale irrigation, seeding and cultivation, fertilization, harvesting, and food storage must be robust, dependable, and designed to work largely outdoors. Electrical components must withstand moisture, corrosive chemicals, and variable weather conditions. Center pivot irrigation requires the transfer of power and control signals from the stationary source to the rotating mechanism. Other types of rotating electrical machines perform jobs such as grain stirring and drying, moving grain in and out of storage, and enhancing dairy production through the use of rotary milking carousels. Mobile greenhouse  irrigation systems require  cable and hose management.

For many decades, Conductix-Wampfler has provided special electrical components for agricultural machines. We work with farm machinery OEMs to arrive at the ideal solution. Our products have stood the test of time in fields, orchards, green houses, and storage facilities all over the world. We offer:

Slip Ring Assemblies – for the reliable transfer of energy and data to center pivot irrigation system, to operate grain storage devices that stir, dry, and sweep stored grains, sugar, and other bulk food materials or to provide power and control to rotating milking carousels, in stainless steel enclosures.

Cable Festoon Systems – to manage  cables and hoses used in greenhouse  irrigation systems and composting facilities, stainless steel  festoon components resist damp and corrosive environments.

Energy Guiding Chains – to manage  cables and hoses used in greenhouse irrigation systems.

Motor-Driven Hose Reels – to provide water in longitudinal irrigation systems.

Media- and energy supply for mobile watering car in a greenhouse

Application: Media- and energy supply for mobile watering car in a greenhouse
Operator: Garden Center (Germany)

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Power supply transfer cars in greenhouse

Application: Power supply transfer cars in greenhouse
Operator: Newland Nursery (GB)

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Transfer car for planting and irrigation in a Market-garden

Application: Transfer car for planting and irrigation in a Market-garden
Operator: Cogas - Emmeloord

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