Conductix-Wampfler offers several System for the Energy & Data Transmission for Port industry

Throughout recorded history, cargo ports have played a vital role in the development of economies and countries. The importing and exporting of many types of goods are handled by countless port facilities around the globe, from small river ports to specialized sea ports that handle bulk materials, break bulk, special cargo, Ro-Ro (roll-on/roll-off) or containers. Depending on the type of goods handled by a given port, dedicated material handling machines such as cranes, loaders, and  unloaders efficiently manage  logistics within the port’s operations. Often operating 24 / 7 / 365, this equipment needs to be extremely reliable and able to operate in very harsh environments. Increasing global trade has driven ever increasing demands for faster, more reliable, and better performing port equipment components. Energy and data transmission systems play a crucial role in providing safe, reliable, and efficient port operations. Due to increasing requirements for “green” ports and environmental friendly handling facilities, operators will continue to convert combustion engines to electric drives. In addition, more and more ports are providing shore power for docked vessels to further reduce emissions.

With decades of experience in this industry, Conductix-Wampfler offers customized solutions for port  cranes and material handling equipment and machinery. Conductix-Wampfler offers a large network of sales and engineering facilities close to our customers. Turnkey solutions and a strong after sales and servicing team support our customers in their global activities.

Motor-Driven Reels – the reliable and practical solution to manage  cables for the long travel of  cranes and ship loaders/un-loaders. We supply customized  cable reels with magnetic clutches or frequency controlled drive units.  Motorized reels are used to convert traditionally diesel-driven  mobile harbor cranes (MHC) to electric power or as one more specialized solution to provide “ E-Shore” power to connect ships to an onshore power source, which allow them to shut down their engines.

Cable Festoon Systems – motorized and  non-motorized festoon systems manage  cables for  crane cross travel, traditional but extremely reliable and durable.

Conductor Rails – efficiently provide power for  crane cross travel - with the addition of dedicated rails for multiplexed data transferConductor bars also can be mounted beneath the wharf to carry medium distribution voltages from 5 kV to 13.8 kV for long  crane travel.

Energy Guiding Chains – manage multiple power and  control cables for  crane cross travel on cranes.

Slip Rings and  Fiber Optic Transmitters – provide uninterrupted energy and  data transmission for all rotating machines, including  harbor cranes and cable reels.
Cable Protection Systems – the  trench cover systems  Trenchguard or the new  CoverZIP system guaranty a safe  cable handling and cable protection.

Spring-Driven Cable Reels – are used for portable power in maintenance areas.

Main power supply for the Crane drive of 4 automated stacker cranes (ASC)

Application: Main power supply for the Crane drive of 4 automated stacker cranes (ASC)
Operator: P&O Antwerpen (Belgium)

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